Aaah soup

Homemade soup. There’s nothing like it. Especially when you go rogue and don’t use a recipe – oh the madness! Making country vegetable soup from scratch is so satisfying and that is exactly what I did for dinner on Wednesday, with The Mammy’s encouragement – she liked my Thrown-Together Soup so much last time that … More Aaah soup

Roast Chickpeas with Potato, Peppers and Garlic

Forget chicken soup, chickpeas are food for the soul. So how’s about a big hearty plate full of them, roasted up with lashings of garlic, potatoes, peppers and the piece de resistance, some gooey feta cheese on top? This recipe comes from Big Sister though I have modified it slightly by adding the peppers marinated in … More Roast Chickpeas with Potato, Peppers and Garlic

Beef Stew

There was beef in the house to be used. I’m not a huge fan of the mammy’s long-running Beef Bourguignon so I decided to swoop in there and find a new recipe of my own. Google happily directed me to Jamie Oliver’s website for his pukka stew that is apparently a big hit with his … More Beef Stew