Pasta Carbonara

I like pasta. I love bacon. There’s not much else, apart from a few basics that you probably already have in the kitchen, that goes into making a yummy pasta carbonara. Coming home late yesterday evening from work, I knew there wasn’t much in the fridge or cupboards for anything too fancy but I knew … More Pasta Carbonara

Aaah soup

Homemade soup. There’s nothing like it. Especially when you go rogue and don’t use a recipe – oh the madness! Making country vegetable soup from scratch is so satisfying and that is exactly what I did for dinner on Wednesday, with The Mammy’s encouragement – she liked my Thrown-Together Soup so much last time that … More Aaah soup

Turkey & Ham Pie

I thinkĀ I prefer St. Stephen’s Day to Christmas Day. It’s the day after the big event, when you can genuinely unwind and veg out, free from visiting family and unburdened with the necessity of looking presentable. The elasticated waistband makes another appearance today as we prepare for yet another gorge-fest: using up the leftover turkey … More Turkey & Ham Pie