Pear & Rosemary Pie

Living in Washington DC, working in restaurants and surrounded by food and foodie types, it was only natural to regularly dip into the glorious foodie bible, Bon Appetit. My former housemate, the lovely Corie, was a subscriber to the magazine so there were always old copies lying around. Luckily, Bon Appetit is also totally online because I have had to look up this recipe I made a million years ago.

This Pear & Rosemary Pie is a little wintery for this time of year (unless you live in Ireland where it’s always kind of winter – we are currently enjoying summer-winter!). It calls for Crisco or vegetable shortening in the pastry which can be substituted with Frytex (which is lard, therefore contains animal fats) or Cookeen: a solid block of vegetable oils.

I do love a bit of lattice work. I’ll just throw my own pictures in and let you follow the link (above) to the original posting on Bon Appetit because I followed the recipe exactly. The only thing I would do differently is to maybe leave the rosemary in the syrup to infuse – I didn’t get a very strong rosemary flavour when devouring the pie. So, so good with vanilla ice-cream.





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