Dahlia Triple Coconut Cream Pie

IMG_6712I’m starting to notice a pattern: cookbooks as gifts. Specifically dessert cookbooks. I’ve got four now, which is cool because I love cookbooks and I’m too broke to buy them for myself. I’m sure I get cookbooks as much because I’m an avid little baker and have dabbled in commercial pastry kitchens, so it’s like my thing, but probably also because my good friends enjoy baked goods and if they give me a cookbook as a present, I’m kind of obliged, out of courtesy you know, to use it.

And so here I find myself, half-way to completion on the first baked goody from The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook, Sweetness in Seattle – coincidentally the pie that put them on the map is also the one I wanted to make – the Triple Coconut Cream Pie. Many thanks to Big Sister for this beeyootiful book.

We just got done with January here in DC so it’s officially spring (yes, good luck with that). It’s been very, very cold this past week with blips of snow-covered ground greeting us some mornings. It’s really ski-mask weather but of course terrorists and petty thieves have really ruined that luxury for us. There’s little you can do to keep your cheeks warm in the biting wind but at least we may have warm thoughts of sweet, homemade pie to distract us.

I must say, with the weather being a bit crap as one might expect in winter, I’m guilty of being too lazy and unproductive in my free-time so I’ve made an unofficial pact with myself to get back baking on the weekends, making something delicious from all of my lovely cookbooks. In addition, I’m going to try and be more physically active, so that means lots of yoga classes and gardening!

I took the long walk to Wholefoods today (after morning yoga of course!). Walking fourteen blocks in -1C weather isn’t the funnest way to spend the early afternoon. But as I trudged along, random little flurries of snow twirled towards me in the wind. They reminded me of the shredded coconut I was going to use for my pie. And I thought “how cool, and how fitting. It’s snowing coconut”.

Now, as I look out the window onto Crispus Attucks park, the grey sky has turned kind of lilac and it’s snowing for real. I can see it sprinkling down, like flour from a dredger, under the orange street lamps. I really, really, really hope it doesn’t stick…

As for the pie, it’s quite involved. It’s taken me the whole day to do it, mainly because the pastry has to be chilled before rolled, then chilled before baked, so perhaps you’ll excuse me for not writing out the recipe here today. And of course I missed the daylight entirely and had to take photos of my pie in unflattering lighting. Insert sad face *here*.

Must put this pie to the roommate test and also see how it scores when eaten after a stressful day at work. Watch this space….



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