The Elvis Presley Breakfast

I made pancakes again last Saturday morning using my trusty pancake recipe. I used double the amount because I was cooking for three large men. Sadly, I had to run out to view a house (I’m finally going to have my own place with Big Sister!) and The Other Joe had to do some photography work at the market so it was just my Big Joe and Tim the Toolman to demolish the epic pile of fluffy, golden pancakes. Big Joe added some bacon and made a delicious potato hash with kale, using the potatoes we found in the garden plot when we were digging! But despite the appetites of the two hungry men, a sizeable pile of pancakes still remained.

The next morning, The Other Joe had the ingenious idea of using the leftover pancakes to make peanut-butter and nutella sandwiches. Then I had the ingenious idea of frying the sandwiches in butter. Then Big Joe had the ingenious idea of adding bacon, maple syrup and a fried egg on top. Quinn, who was, incidentally, the birthday girl, also had the ingenious idea of adding whisky to her morning cup of coffee so it was a wonderful and naughty collaborative breakfast indeed.

However, I couldn’t help but hear Jamie Oliver’s voice in my ear as I tucked into my deathly delicious pancake sandwich. Having only watched him present a TED Talk in the previous twenty-four hours, I was very much aware that this is the kind of food that can kill you. Thankfully, we’re all sensible adults and this kind of breakfast happens maybe once a year, if at all. So take note, DO NOT feed this kind of thing to your kids, no matter how much they like it and how much they beg for it. And DON’T make this if you have any concerns for your heart or cholesterol levels. We balanced our unhealthy breakfast with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.


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