Some very posh rations

My friend Dermot is a life-saver, quite literally. Should we be told that yes, in fact, the world will end this year or should we find ourselves in the midst of a zombie apocalyse, I will survive for at least 24 hours after all the looting has finished and there isn’t a morsel of food to be found. Provided I don’t fall into a lava-spewing cavern that opens up under my house or get bit by a nasty zombie, that is. So everyone, pile round to Happy Food Baby’s house and she’ll share out her goodies!

Behold my French Army-regulation ration pack (don’t worry folks, it’s NATO Approved!), lugged all the way from the headquarters of the French Foreign Legion to Dublin especially for Happy Food Baby, by my good friend Dermot, who is a member of the Legion. This is easily the coolest and most thoughtful souvenir anyone has ever brought me back from foreign climes. For a sneakpeek into life in the Legion from the perspective of a young Irishman, click over to his blog, Banks to Battlefields, and tell him Happy Food Baby sent you.


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