Le bol de chocolat devient très spécial!

My hot chocolate concoctions are coming along nicely. Firstly it was experimenting with almond extract which was delicious! Not a lot of people like almond, sadly, so that wasn’t always a crowd-pleaser. Next up was my hot chocolate with coffee! That was bangin’. It gave a wonderful depth to the chocolate without being obviously coffee-ey, reminding me of those biscuits with the dark chocolate that came in assortment tins at Christmas when we were kids. Today, it is hot chocolate with cinnamon and chilli. And there’s whipped cream, always.

I started off using just cocoa and adding sugar, but I’ve since started using half cocoa and half drinking chocolate as the latter is already sweetened.

For one serving:

1 cup milk
1 heaped tsp + ½tsp of dark baking cocoa
1 heaped tsp + ½tsp of drinking chocolate

For the coffee variation: Add 1 level tsp instant espresso grounds

For the spicy chilli and cinnamon: Add ¼tsp cinnamon + 1 small pinch of chilli powder

Incidentally, I am nursing a cinnamon and chilli bol de chocolat right now; I used a full ¼tsp of chilli and it is waayy too spicy, like it’s burning my throat. I don’t really mind too much because I’m still smothering under a cold so hopefully it’ll burn me back to wellness.

Check out my mini whizzmajig whisk. It’s fan-flippin-tastic for small quantities like this.

Next up: it’s gotta be orange.



One thought on “Le bol de chocolat devient très spécial!

  1. Oooh, bring that whizzmagig back with you. I will make you a Ramos gin fizz and I promise you will not be sorry.

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