Happy Food Baby Birthday

Happy Food Baby is a very happy baby indeed. It was my birthday this week, and things were a little busy with all the birthday dinners with family and of course, The Bearded Chef (who needs a better pseudonym) who flew 4000 miles across the Atlantic to see me again and take me out on the town. Thank you lovely! This is why there have been no food posts lately.

Not only was his visit and his company for a full 55 non-stop hours the best birthday gift I could have asked for, he also gave me this!

This is a recipe book from Milk Bar in New York, a magical place I will someday get to visit, and I haven’t been able to put it down since it fell into my lap on Tuesday. They get the name partly from their in-house specialty: cereal milk. You know how the milk in your bowl of Coco Pops or Fruit Loops turns a different colour and tastes really nice at the end? Milk Bar makes that stuff by the gallon and serve it straight up, in their homemade ice-cream or in their delicious cakes. I’ve got my eye on the three-layer birthday cake and, provided I can rise to the challenge and actually make it, I think it’ll be quite fitting for the month of January as we have three girly birthdays this month, all exactly one week apart. Each layer will be dedicated to each January birthday girl: Fiona (17th), myself (24th) and Eileen (31st). Happy Birthday girls!


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