Big Brother’s Sourdough Endeavours

Happy Food Baby is not the only one with a regular food habit. Big Brother has been cluttering up the fridge, or the countertop, or wherever, with big bowls of his sourdough starter for some time now. I’ve tried his bread only once – sourdough goes quickly in this house – and it was quite yummy. There was a great big risen ball of dough in the kitchen this morning. I took some snaps of it as I waited for my beets to boil. Isn’t it beautiful?

And speaking of beets, a glorious day has dawned. Today is finally the day I make Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies. Ooooh I hope they turn out ok! Post coming soon.


One thought on “Big Brother’s Sourdough Endeavours

  1. Good job Big Brother! Looking forward to trying some of the bread when I’m home. We should make butter too, just to be those sickeningly perfect people who make everything themselves!!

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