Beer line-up while the stew stews

Beer beer beer beer, beer beer beer beer!*

I do love a good beer line-up. Anyone who has ever invited me over to their house for dinner may have noticed that I have a tendency to bring a selection of beers that tickle my fancy – I’m not the one who brings the 12-pack, sorry. I hope I don’t look stingy, I just have a hard time making decisions. It also helps – or hinders – that I don’t know much about beer. All I know is I like drinking it.

I popped into Dunnes in the Beacon Quarter this afternoon to pick up some veggies for putting in my beef stew. I had a hankering for some beers. Look see what I bought:

Stone’s Ginger Joe Ginger Beer, 4% – €1.99

Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted Blonde Beer, 4.2% – €2.79

Kirin Ichiban, 5% – €1.79

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Porter, 6% – €2.15

The Monopoly houses and the dinosaurs have nothing to do with beer. They’re just fun for me.

But anyway, I should get going. IT’S STEW TIME BITCHES!!

* Happy Food Baby is well over the legal drinking age.


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